Posted by: Ron DuBour | April 30, 2019

An Homage to Zatoichi*~by Constancio Sulapas Asumen Jr



CLXXVII ~> An Homage to Zatoichi

CLXXVII ~> An Homage to Zatoichi*
Riding with the wind, you swim with the tide
Turning adversity to advantage
To the downtrodden, protection provide
Peddling virtues in roving hermitage
Meddling fugacious, serving privilege:
True to the legends of the Knights Errant
Joyless, throughout the land you gallivant!
Your tale portrays your legend being blind
Sans reasons wherefore, or wherethrough, or how
You keep your universe within your mind
Unwritten rules had circumscribed your vow
Distract your focus, never you allow:
Much like the soul who’s eager to do good
You are mostly scorned and misunderstood!
That you are but character fictional
Taints not the morals of your narrative
True provenance of patience prodigal,
You vouch the hallowed realms of make believe
Free from any intentions to deceive:
Gem pigment born of imagination
Wove into web by Art’s frenzied passion!
Dante did create lady Beatrice;
For Cervantes travelled Don Quixote;
Homer let Odysseus sail seven seas;
With sword for cane travels Zatoichi,
From tales of yore, exulted company:
When doubts deny charity to conscience
Deign legends’ mores furnish excellence!

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