Posted by: Ron DuBour | April 30, 2019

Open up~by Peter Forster



Open up

Open up
Heavy lies the lid
Bearing down
On a body
Of evidence.
To the contrary minded
There is life
After death
Never will it be the same
Laughter is less plentiful
Than a fresh fish
Caught in a desert
Dreams are what you make them
Harder to wake from
Easier to forget
Nothing tastes as once it did
Old songs, new songs
Fade one
Into another
A poignant melody
Scratched with an
Un-waxed bow
On a catgut string
Who can make a bird sing
When it is crying
A smell that lingers
Is fraught with danger
An aromatic reminder
Of a time when perfume
Was more intoxicating
Than spilt liquor
On a barroom floor,
From the night before
The morning that came after,
When it seemed easier
To believe
The worst
Would never be over
Than it was to climb inside
A box
Make a wish
And close the lid

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