Posted by: Ron DuBour | April 30, 2019

Part Of History~by Hansraj Sharma



Part Of History

Part Of History
My free words-
Ink, pen and paper
Getting up in shades
Blue ink on white papers
Like those free black birds
Flying so high in the blue sky
Sticking not to any boundary walls.
Aspiring to live king-size being not
Full human life without luggage
Making all images go out viral
Writing notes for one and all
Ignoring social media trolls
Up and about the dreams-
Intuition is working well
Suiting to all seasons.
Who does notice such a let-down?
Eating, drinking and living thrills
Teenager’s speed, scale and skill
Singing songs of sacrifice all the way.
Still, a stitch in time-
Reconstructing and rebuilding
Recreating the forgotten tastes
Setting up new trends and trades
Making them all, as part of history.
-Copyright © hrsharma ®2019
Ludhiana, Punjab, India.


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