Posted by: Ron DuBour | May 2, 2019

LOVE SONGS~by Nalini Starr




I used to listen to love songs
They made my heart sing
But now since you’ve been gone
Only heartache they bring

I try not to listen to them
They remind me of you
Sometimes i can’t stop listening
Sometimes that’s all I do

The words are so beautiful
They tear at my heart
And they bring bitter sweet pain
Ever since you’ve been apart

I listen to my favourite song
The one you liked too
The meaning of that song
Is so very true to you

And we both could relate
To what that song had to say
You felt the same way too
But you still went away

Listening to that special song
Always make me cry
And you’ve been gone so long
But I still love you I can’t deny

Love songs make me sad and blue
And i still listen to them sometime
Because I can’t stop thinking of you
You are always on my mind.

I used to listen to love songs
They remind me of you
And although you’re long gone
I still do.

N’ Starr

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