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Go! For your deeds has meet the eye
A man of bravery and goodwill
For we shall give you our ears
Whenever you will,we can do your bid
And honor such deeds that brings honor

What troubles you i cannot say
Nor can I predict the face
That changes form upon the look of mirrors

You remember the Savior’s day
The life you live goes with you
Be it of grace,sufferings or war

Honourable good souls are held captive to smile in endless days
For heaven loves their life
And being held captive should they fly
To the place of HIS eternal atmosphere
Where peace shall be celebrated over the wine

If you want to see heaven
Do not fight
If you want to see God
Do not hate other people

Remember me Young Francis,if I happen to die at this young age
For I will make somebody smile in a day
Poetry especially, creativity in all

A successful economy is dominated is dominated by creative people, I’ll have mention writers anyway, because its good
For no greed can bring it down

And if less,call in more,and bring in question a better ending

And that you’ll meet desperate lover,You’ll meet the trend of noble men
The owners of undying love

Family is first in every way
They have an impenetrable bond

Do not let a tricky mind see you as feel your presence
When in good health and great psychology, will drain your better ness away.

Let me describe a talented mind.
The endless stars have seen
The fluid of passion enclosed within the basis of his heart
Where the membranes of our self respires

Let me see you and much to tell
If you’re mind sick and to heal

Every blessing and curse is still the dark days
That every tyrant lived
No mercy nonetheless violence
Are his selfish rule of tyranny

You’ve no one to call you mistress
You’ve no one to call you sir

A wicked man’s deeds sparkles dark fire
For change is his better pain

Now I’m getting tired
Never forget to respect people
That’s where your success lys…..
.. ….see you sometime………

Copyright Young Francis

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