Posted by: Ron DuBour | May 2, 2019

YOU USED TO~by Nalini Starr




You used to bring me flowers
To brighten up my day
You used to sing me love songs
To chase my blues away
You used to make me laugh so much
There would be joyful tears
You used to excite me with your touch
And kiss away my fears
You used to take me to parties
To have a good time
You used to give me kisses
And make love to blow my mind
You used to take me on long walks
Under the moon so bright
You used to hold me close to you
And let me sleep on your chest all night
You used to like walking in the rain
Because you knew that’s what ‘i liked to do
And we would sing and dance together
And you used to enjoy that too
You used to make me promises
And told me they would come true
And I believed every word you said
Because I was so in love with you
But now all my hopes and dreams are shattered
Like broken glass on the floor
Everything you used to do
You don’t do them anymore
You used to say you would never depart
But now you have gone and broken my heart.

N, Starr .

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