Posted by: Ron DuBour | May 3, 2019




(Its your redemption)

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I pray for my soul
And pray for my foe
And I bless my angry brother
For the faults he did encounter
Like the sun,so bright and fair
Like the breath,so pushed by air
And you sir,I bless your day
To live and shine thine loving grace
I bless my friends and bless my foes
I move and bless from soul to soul
I bless my city and the state
And all the gifted in a race
And thank my parents for my being
In such guidance to my dreams
I bless the nations who’s at war
I pray they stop and show some love
I pray for the church to shine
In its goodwill time after time
I am a poet and yet I bless you
If it’s worth to bring some truth
I bless unfaithful lover’s heart
I pray he’ll be good and not despair
I bless the living and the dead
To finally share the ETERNAL bread
So good a soul will glow
In glorious passion of their souls
I bless the barren and the lonely
For you’ll finally smile so strongly
To ever indebted to the Lord
Who shakes thy grace from every door
Blessings! Blessings! Blessing!
Is coming your way and no more sin.

Copyright Young Francis

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