Posted by: Ron DuBour | May 3, 2019

“HOW DEEP IS YOUR LOVE” ~by Martin Gedge



POEM “HOW DEEP IS YOUR LOVE” by martin gedge

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From the back of your neck

down the crack of your spine

with the sensual kisses

like the drops of the wine

on the tickles of skin

in a feather like flow

round the curves of your thighs

to the twitch of your toes

in the heat of summer

with a sexual bite

two hearts beating with passion

in the still of the night

addressing desire

like wild fires in bloom

from the bed to floor

to the walls of the room

the sweat of your body

like the salt on my tongue

with a clutch of each crevice

and our clothes all undone

bare souls to the rhythm

with the flesh all entwined

we are panting with purpose

and so deep in the grind

from the rise of occasion

to the thrust of each depth

with a gush of releasing

to the gasping of breath

all to fade but a smile

with a nestle and tuck

how sweet was the pleasure

how hot was the _____ ….

by martin gedge©

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