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Many days to come your way means faith. It’s a blessing to experience the coming days

Marry your loved one and stop the sexual guilt of cheating,lust of greed in your fragile self.Lust is powerful, to stop it,just marry and love only your woman

Don’t complicate things about God to me than I already know.
I keep my mind shut,believing HE is air,fire and water.

Children will excel high in education because of the care and love given.Without these,even fame or wealth is valueless.

A good man will always want to love,forgive, be faithful to his wife,raise good children, love God and then die a peaceful happy death

If you’re impatient of sexual truthfulness, just start praying for your soul while committing the act.The Lord might forgive you

Education excels high above the formalities of the earth. Its good to able to sturdy the days and nights.And their shortcomings

True religion lys in once heart.If its good, it’ll show and shine for a bright new world

Marriages are blessed by God
Do not use that for your own selfish gains. God is watching

I want to go to school and become a great writer and shape my creativity more.That’s my passion and it’s not stupid

Forgive your enemies when you meet at religious grounds
Become friends during and after prayers

Protect your children from the infidelities of the world.
I wonder how things change these days.Protect them when you can

Don’t be a greedy lover.Are you a frog or a toad?

Don’t go to school because your family says so
Go to school for the lame and meek,poor and the vulnerable.
If these are satisfied in your reach and you’re not yet a student,there’s no need going to school

I hate going to church to pay rites.It makes me uncomfortable.
Because of how I see it
I want to pay my tired privately

Listen to your own heart,when you’re in love,it’s another way of bringing respect,dignity and focus in the relationship..(I’m tired now)…continue sometime…

copyright Young Francis

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