Posted by: Ron DuBour | May 5, 2019

Changing Times~by rldubour



Changing Times

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Once again it’s Sunday
And nothing left to say.
Time to change the subject
Before I’m chased away.

Everyone is tired
Of hearing the same tune.
Time to change the station
From words of doom and gloom.

I could talk of the past
That some refuse to leave.
They’d rather feel self pity
And sit alone and grieve.

If this is what they want
Then who am I to say?
Their problem’s not unique
It happens everyday.

I cannot change the past
For that is history.
Or even change tomorrow
For what will be will be.

I can talk of violence
Of sex, war and greed.
Or anything you want
You feel the need to read.

The trend from good to bad
Is spreading like wildfire.
Call me prehistoric
It’s goodness I desire.

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