Posted by: Ron DuBour | May 5, 2019

Our Body— a Miracle!~by Sheela Varma



Our Body— a Miracle!

A complete machine perfectly made
Each part uniquely adapted
Housing an elusive spirit within
Capable of almost anything !

A tireless ticker ..the heart
An endless thinker…the brain
A fantastic drainage…kidneys
An organ to marvel..the liver
A complete security…the Skin.

Hard parts like teeth n nails
Soft parts like skin and flesh;
Heart n liver, kidney n brain
Of all organs these are the main!

Fantastic equipment…hands n feet
Capable of almost any feat
Climbing mountains, shaping dreams
Discovering places, .organising..teams;
inventing n fantasizing
calculating and creating
Multiple facets like Art n Sculpture
Science, music n literature

Organs that can regenerate
A soul can that can venerate
Special senses n a capacity to think
Yet we have brought Nature to the brink!

Physique and Psyche, body n mind
Woven in a unique kind
Soul n skill, faith n fate entwine
To form a miracle ….Man!

April 2019
Dr.Sheela Varma

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