Posted by: Ron DuBour | May 7, 2019

FINALLY~by Nalini Starr




Finally i am beginning to see
That you were not meant for me
I never thought I’d say this
After all this time
After all the hurting
The loving and the pain
The promises of forever
Your memory is now leaving my mind
And no more tears falling like rain
My heart no longer feels
The pain you left there
It’s beginning to heal
And feelings will disappear
Feelings which were once so strong
I thought would last forever
Of my love for you
And i thought you won’t ever
Break my heart in two
it took me a long while
But I’m finally getting over you
I’m beginning to feel whole again
Not broken inside
My heart is no longer in pain
My love has finally died
You were like a disease
Which I thought was terminal
But now I realise
It could be cured
It was only there for a while
Now I’m cured completely
And I feel brand new again
Now I feel so free
Saying goodbye to your memory
And all the heartache and pain
Finally it’s over
Finally I’m free
Finally I’m moving on
And finding me.

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