Posted by: Ron DuBour | May 7, 2019

Love 💕 Is Life ….~by Kapil Gupta



Love 💕 Is Life ….

Love 💕 Is Life ….
With love life shines bright ….
Love strengthens you for any fight ….
Love gives all reasons rejoice ….
Love fills the heart with delight ….
Love takes you to the alter of innocence….
Love takes you high , you attain the heights….
Love makes you strong , drains out the feeling of fright ….
Love is a lovely feeling , where heart takes a flight ….
Love teaches you to share and sacrifice ….
Love is a spark with which every emotion ignites ….
Love is a feeling so pure and
Noble its the path to reach to God in disguise ….
07/05/2019 Kapil “Adil”
12.50 am Copyright
All Rights Reserved


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