Posted by: Ron DuBour | May 8, 2019

“HARRY AND JENNA”~by David Ray




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*A Poem*

Jenna was gentle 
And nervous and shy,
Untrusting of strangers
Especially guys,

That’s why the news
Came as such a surprise,
The grief stricken panic
That look in her eyes,

Fooled by a fellow
In a friendly disguise,
Diving head first
In a pool filled with lies,

Harry was handsome
In his own sort of way,
Clean-cut and clever
In words he would say,

The man appeared modest
And honest and kind,
All part of the plan
He had hatched in his mind,

It wasn’t a whirlwind
But still happened fast,
A few months engaged
‘Til they married at last,

Honeymoon happy
Still riding the high,
“Hey Baby, sign here…”
She signed on the line,

Untroubled by finance
And trusting in love,
That notarized paper
Was more than enough,

He filed for divorce
But she had no clue,
Her house was now his
Her savings were too,

Now Harry’s back out there
He’s hunting again,
He might hit on you
If you’re wanting a friend,

Don’t jump into something
That’s just paper thin,
‘Cause I might be Harry
And you could be Jen.

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