Posted by: Ron DuBour | May 9, 2019

EBOLA~by Young Francis




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I saw that wave as it stroke
Quickly! It kills
To mass victims every time
First,wrinkled skin and off they die
So fast a count second’s turn
For the victims cannot maintain
The forceful fight back for a gain
And many,many lives are gone
By Ebola’s threatful touch
This is not a peaceful sickness
In every efforts, falling weakness
As the cure is rare to find
And to control it’s hideous time
Just like champion league ends today
Ebola begins to strike,
Liberia 3,Ghana nil
Sierra Leone 2,Ghana nil
Guinea 2,Ghana nil
USA 1,Ghana nil
Ebola has knocked some love away
And a question mark on science today
Where is the researchers anyway
They’ve gone in hidden till they know
Exactly how to cure Ebola
I’m off to the hills
To stay awhile
Ebola has taken up our homes
But hope ,people hope
For we will sleep we those who live
Together with the expects we shall strike
At this deadly virus once and all
To find our lovely days of peace
Just arm yourself,groomed well your souls
In healthy homelands as yourselves.

Copyright Young Francis.

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