Posted by: Ron DuBour | May 9, 2019

Shoulda Been! ~by Brad Hall



Shoulda Been!
By Brad Hall

Image may contain: one or more people, text that says 'Judge Me Ohen You re Perfect'

I remember looking up to a man I saw from time to time,
He would smile and he would laugh like everything was fine! 
His family just loved him and that love would never have failed,
His wife stood by his side, no matter what ship he sailed!
His spirit exuded confidence and the people were drawn,
And it didn’t matter the obstacle, his decisions, never wrong!
As time went by, the less and less I saw this man,
As grains in the hourglass fall, I wish I could’ve shaken his hand!
I know that’s an impossibility and it really makes me sad,
And I would love to go back if there was one wish to be had!
I find myself mourning for a man that never existed,
Except in a reality of could have beens and somehow I missed it!
He is just a Brad that could have been and should have been,
And with every decision that I made wrong, it kept me from being him!
Now that I look back, I see that’s it’s just painfully too late,
And I’ve been givin a harsh sentence by times judge that we call FATE!!!


  1. Loved it. Keep it up

  2. Amazing work. Keep writing. I felt your words. Beautiful

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