Posted by: Ron DuBour | May 9, 2019

SO MANY WAYS~by Nalini Starr




A gun to the head
Or a bottle of pills
In the hand
Is not necessarily
A suicide plan
Different thoughts
Are in the head
Wanting to be dead
Crossing at a green light
Without looking
Left or right
Jumping on the tracks
Of an oncoming train
Filling up on cocaine
Smoking endless cigarettes
Hoping to get cancer
And also Aids from sleeping
With random strangers
Robbing a store
And starting a fight
Hoping to be shot on sight
Going to work every day deliberately
Hoping to get fired
An excuse for ending your misery
Not taking care or yourself
When you are sick
With a deadly disease
Hoping death will come quick
And you’ll be released
To become a good Samaritan in a fight
And get stabbed with a knife
Another way to end your life
Joining a gang
Where bullets fly all around
Wishing you’ll get shot down
Going bungee jumping
Hoping the rope is not strong
And then you’ll be gone
Knowing you’re not a good swimmer
But going far into the sea
Hoping a big wave will knock you out
And you will drown quickly
Knowing you’re afraid of heights
But you will climb a cliff so high
Hoping you will fall
And eventually die
Drowning your sorrows in liquor
Hoping you’ll destroy your liver
These are some ways to die
And there are others too
If life is not working out for you.


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