Posted by: Ron DuBour | May 10, 2019

A CANDLE LOVE -LIGHT~by Jyotirmaya Thakur




Image may contain: candles

A candle shining bright in darkness,
Like a blind man disappointed sadness,
A life sacrificed at the altar of fibs , 
To handle hidden lies in secret dips.

The teardrops like pearls in holes ,
Fill vacuum of burnt-out moulds ,
Like dew drops on petals old ,
Falls wasted in mourning folds.

The desire to shine in shadows dream ,
Rushing in turmoil descending stream ,
Like sun hides in curtains of night ,
Lovers depart at dinner in candle light.

Her heart is broken in deepest vein,
A thread woven path in middle train ,
She swims in deepest part of ocean,
Both transparent in white turbulence.

The wish to lit a love flame around,
The gloom of pale shroud to drown,
Prayers with folded hands alight,
Travellers of light in charms delight.

Love and light across the globe ,
Shining bright in windy alcove ,
Majestic power in tiny thread above,
Peaceful glow outward of inward love.
Jyotirmaya Thakur @copyrightreserved.

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