Posted by: Ron DuBour | May 10, 2019

“Cabin in the Wood”~by Rick Halliburton



“Cabin in the Wood”

Image may contain: tree, sky, outdoor and nature

There’s a Cabin in the Wood..
Hidden deep inside the wood
Waiting oh so patiently
For you or I to be
Away from all the strife of life
And man-made sounds
As stars abound they light the night
And small as ever fireflies
With silent beacons beckon
All aglow showing way to go
Down paths through forests full of life
That come out only in the night
And stir our souls..enhance our sight

There’s a Cabin in the Wood
Where morning Sun pierces through
And touches one who wakens to…
Light not sounds of chiming bells
Morning glance it’s story tells of birds at song
And morning dew and gentle breezes calling
You to rise and shine as Sun has done
Embrace the day for Nature’s come
And kept a Promise long time cast
For those whose open eyes see past
Their lives and fortunes needs and tasks
Release them… for they will not last
But day and night …as nature casts its spell on you
As it should.. for you are in the Cabin in the Wood.

There’s a Cabin in the Wood and if I could
We’d all be there with room to spare
Without a care for you to see this Cabin’s
Not for you or me it’s in our minds
It’s in our thoughts.. in our prayers..
And dreams…and the other morning
As I stood in Phoenix looking I could
See on mountain top to my north
A Sun beaming showing forth
A sight so briefly I for one could
Just see sweetly an ever glowing… ever showing… ever waiting….

..Cabin in the Wood…

Rick Halliburton 2016

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