Posted by: Ron DuBour | May 10, 2019

Daily missive for Friday the 10th of May.~by Peter Foster



Daily missive for Friday the 10th of May.

There you were
In a crowd of strangers
Dancing in the dark
One by one
They simply fell away
To leave you
Standing alone
On top of a mountain
With the whole world
Spread out all around
In a panorama
Landscaped as a garden
For the soul
A rose for every
Name you may have had
A daisy chain
Of memories
To wrap around your head
A crown of distinction
Even as it dissolved
Into a reflection
Of my disappointment
Empty windows
Shadows dancing
A broken glimpse
In a second-hand mirror
Trying to remember
The reason for emotion
Until there was you
A painful gift to have
But a dreadful thing
For the needy soul
To live without

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