Posted by: Ron DuBour | May 10, 2019





I shed a tear for you today
just a single drop
maybe your memories 
are fading away
and soon my tears will stop

I am dreaming less of you at night
you no longer disturb my sleep
your memories are taking flight
they no longer make me weep

My heart is not hurting so much now
i think it’s on the mend
i will get through this somehow
and my heart will be whole again

i am thinking less and less of you
you hardly cross my mind
soon I will forget you
and I will leave the past behind

We had some good times
this I cannot deny
now it’s time for me to move on
and kiss your memory goodbye

i did love you so very much
and you knew that was no lie
but you couldn’t handle the truth
so you left without saying goodbye

You are long gone now
and you can no longer hurt me
bit by bit you are slowly fading away
soon you will be a distant memory.

And I sometimes do wonder
If you feel the same way too
If you are also letting go
The memories of me and you

Nalini Starr.—–2016=10-29,

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