Posted by: Ron DuBour | May 10, 2019

“MOTHERS DAY” ~by Martin Gedge



POEM “MOTHERS DAY” by martin gedge


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Just look into a mothers eyes

To warmth of what is real

Her Tender heart and caring arms

With all the love you feel

The gift of life is heaven sent

To guide down longing roads

Always there with cherished smiles

To shoulder heavy loads

Shedding tears of joy and pain

To steps up learning stairs

Bowing down to lifes rewards

Upon the sleeve she wears

She follows in the steps you make

To insure the right from wrong

Shares in wisdom with her thoughts

To keep your will so strong

Shes always there to handle life

That seems to go astray

And though at times your miles apart

She’s there in some sweet way

Always knows to give her best

To make you understand

Says to keep your chin up boy

And become a better man

And though in words you feel it so

Are not enough to say

I want to wish with all my love

to you on mothers day…

by martin gedge©


  1. What a lovely ode 🙂

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