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part 07

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Tyrants are no more filled with love
They disappear from love and are doomed
A good life bears good fruits
A lazy life cannot succeed any time
Look with trust and strength
I believe you’ll know what you’re looking for
A good guidance explodes in wisdom
Bloom some all the time
Philosophy is spoken in the tone of trust, focused,love and surity
Great nations announces powerful forces
Nations at war are no less to develop soon
Seeking a good council conceals the opinion of dominance and the readiness to help the weak
A bright future is judged based on the readiness to accept change
Africans will always be proud of their skin
As do the other continents
It’s s common logic to adore your heritage values
A better student learn the things tomorrow will bring
When it comes ,he’ll be ready
Schools are build to change the perspectives about things happening now and then
A good writer receives great motivation
A moderate writer’s work may fall
There’s nothing like another chance, the funny thing is, it’s infinite because you may keep getting it without a better way out
A good strategy of government breeds quick development in the areas of knowledge, athletism and fearful council…..
…to be continued..

CopyrightYoung Francis.
Be who you are and become.

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