Posted by: Ron DuBour | May 11, 2019

THE CONQUEROR~by Nakshatra Singh




Life is get going,
not winning and losing.
Those are the losers,
Who failed to understand it.
They want to win, they fight to win,
They win and they lose.
Standing on a hill of snow,
Where time exists not,
One can see so clear,
They only lost, no win, just loss.
They missed the songs of birds
And what about the soft music,
Of peace, of togetherness, of love,
Of running water, of moving life,
They missed it all, they just lost.
O great conqueror of world,
I saw your magnificent procession,
You saw none, you heard none,
Thinking self, seeing self,
You sat firm, deaf and dumb.
Amid the crowd, I saw the boys,
Bare foot, rotten clothes,
They clapped, they cried,
They saw, they heard, they lived,
Oh conqueror, of your own choice,
You lost the battle of life…

By – Nakshatra Singh

Copyright @ Nakshatra Singh

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