Posted by: Ron DuBour | May 11, 2019

The Cradle of Night~by Annie Johnson



The Cradle of Night

Image may contain: sky, cloud, night, nature and outdoor

Night has trimmed the wick
Of daylight’s glowing lamp
And basks in its soft twilight.
Fireflies blink in and out of the shadows
And restless birds settle in the darkened trees.
Silently the dew falls on every leaf
And covers each blade of grass
As night steals the last ray of light
And the night wind serenades
The moon’s broad smiling face.
If ever there is peace on earth
Twill be when dusk yields to darkness
And man seeks the comfort of bed
And tumbles headlong into sleep and dreams.
It is the time when slumbering earth
Hangs out her “Do not disturb” sign
As birds tuck their heads under their wings
And insects join the wind in high-note splendor
And a dozing God rocks the cradle of night
With his holy foot.

Annie Johnson©

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