Posted by: Ron DuBour | May 12, 2019

AN OFFER TO SERVE~by Young Francis




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There’s an offer to serve
Which I know you will prefer
Which ever ambitions you’re in
Is full of love you have seen
Do troll your path in the light
Which certainly shakes delight
As so modest with a fearful heart
Shall breed the good in kind regards
But why will you offer to serve?
As so impatient with respect
And why will you be worried?
About any tongue who has lied
With faith and believe incarnate
For there’s an offer you’ll prefer
For general goodwill of all men
For so strong in great religion
And forward, you love to chase
The habits of uncertainties
As the limitations to ones abilities
Very short to their own values
Of making premature opinions
Yet,upon all ingratitude done by man
You have the offer to serve them through
So there’s the offer to serve
Which I know you’ll prefer
For many hearts did change with clouds
Of acts diversify in their ways
Yet I believe the modesty in you
To love,serve and respect
Your fellow men without discrete .

Copyright Young Francis.
Pick good offers to shine thy grace.

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