Posted by: Ron DuBour | May 12, 2019

DEEP LOSS , 💔. DEEP LOVE , ❤️~by Deirdre Okeeffe




Image may contain: one or more people and people sleeping

A deep Feeling of loss darkens his soul,
The immense pain , Grips his heart ,
His life never again whole ,

He misses his Wife so much ,
The way she laughed ,
Her gentle touch ,

As the Dawn breaks ,
Feeling overwrought
A deep Breath he takes ,

In every corner of the room
He feels her presence ,
The fragrant scent of her perfume ,

Her Dress still lying on a chair ,
Never again to be worn ,
Now she’s no longer here ,

Recalling each wonderful moment,
Precious time spent together ,
Now he feels so despondent ,

There was so much
More they had planned to do ,
Their time together , Just wasn’t enough ,

He hears a little sigh ,
A little whimper,
It’s their baby’s morning cry ,

He looks into her bright blue eyes
This little baby girl captured his heart ,
Just As her mummy had , Right from the start ,

He wonders how he will cope ,
The baby gurgles and smiles ,
His heart lifts , He reaches out for her ,
Feeling a deep sense of love and hope ,


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