Posted by: Ron DuBour | May 12, 2019

For Mothers Everywhere*~by Constancio Sulapas Asumen Jr



LXIIIa ~> For Mothers Everywhere

LXIIIa ~> For Mothers Everywhere*
Attempts to write poems for Mothers’ Day
Aware that fourteen lines never suffice
Demand to add more lines any which way
The muse inspires me kindly with advice
Nor wits suppress caprice, nor fool the wise:
Henceforth let all mothers render judgment;
Take heed their verdict, their contempt lament!
Wherefore admit need venture speculate
Wherefrom come questions for what might have been
After we’re born onward we navigate
Brave vagaries of chance, to lose or win.
Need we count the ways what gives the mother
Common sense not math settles the question
Warm comfort lavished, tender loving care
Nine months harbored safe, in full gestation.
Each year counts three hundred sixty-five days
Add one more day each time years tally four
Logic nor magic fail conjure the ways
For mothers give just one, rather than more:
Mad I was born but never consulted,
Glad I was grown instead of aborted!!
Drink here my cheers for mothers every where
Both old and new, proud of their motherhood;
And to the few who for their day prepare
I pray they find the better side of good
These verses crude, not be misunderstood:
Bereft might be of craftsmanship sublime
Permit the good intent acquit the crime!!!

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