Posted by: Ron DuBour | May 12, 2019

TO MY MOTHER~by Bhaskar Jha




Sorry, Mummy!
unlike other sons jewelled
who highly speak of their mothers
for making them speak in their childhood;

Who pile up costly gifts after gifts
for their mothers
as if an epitaph over the tomb
of Mother’s all sacrifices
for buying them gifts
on their each and every birthday;

Who purchase dazzling sarees
and precious ornaments
for their mothers for buying them
costly toys and gizmos
of childhood days;

Who book flights for them
for ‘darshan’ of famous Chaar Dhaam
for taking them on tours and travels
during their summer vacations;

They falsely dare to ‘bribe’ their mothers,
in a unique way of changing times,
for bearing and rearing them,
for what they are today;
they love their mothers in their own way

Quite unlike them, I simply love you
and ever wish to be loved for ever
under your soothing ‘aanchal’
till my life melts into the vast ocean
of your serenity, greatness and happiness.

By Bhaskar Jha

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