Posted by: Ron DuBour | May 13, 2019

ONESIDE~by Hansraj Sharma




Modern mother
For her frailty
Gives birth to 
One or two
Gets fed up
Ancient mother

Perhaps out of
Own choice
Evergreen she
Wants to look
Till last breath
It to be
The need of hour
To update herself
As symbol status
Simply to please
Her social circles
At the cost of her
Duty supreme

Out of her
By auto-created
Communication gap
Lack of sources
Paucity of time
For she reserves
For her own
Acting so flashy
Before the society

Behaving dissimilar
At her home
Uproars at kids
Round the clock
So brutal her
Dos and don’ts
In insecurity
Terrified kids
Make hue and cry
All through the day
Helpless deprived
Weep, cry and weep

Consequent upon
Fatal it proves
Little the knowledge
She keeps
In making of them
During the formative
Years of life

By making of them
Stubborn and obstinate
By crushing
Their emotions
So delicate
Kids feel
So heavy
That they tear

So much
Over the affairs
One worries
And miserable
So feels
More than
Half the boiled
Inside bursts
Into tears
Outside shouts
The way he likes
Don’t spoiling
The atmosphere
Of love and peace
Development and growth
Take the note

At such
A point of time
Flood of
Emotions flow
What to do? Or
Where to go?
Being besides
Everything to plough

-Copy right hrsharma
Ludhiana, Punjab, India

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