Posted by: Ron DuBour | May 14, 2019

Daily missive for Tuesday the 14th of May.~by Peter Forster



Daily missive for Tuesday the 14th of May.

We ate chips
Out of newspaper
They were covered in salt 
Soaked in vinegar
Scraps were a prize
For thrupence
In old money
Crumbs of batter, crispy offcuts
Eaten from greaseproof packets
Fingers wiped on the sleeves
Of hand-me-down jackets
After Saturday morning pictures,
Featuring weekly episodes
Of Flash Gordon or Batman
Who seemed to die
In every last scene
Only to have escaped
The next time we went
To the screen on the green,
We piled into Glassford’s
Backroom sweet shop
For lucky bags
Or sherbert dib dabs
I walked into a lampost
Pretending to be Robin Hood
Fencing with a plastic sword
It might have been wood
When older than wise,
We watched rock bands
At the Miners Welfare club
A colliery village hub
Where we sipped
A pint of very ordinary
Federation beer
We stood,
Naive young boys in the hood
Backs to the wall
As the girls danced,
At closing time,
We joined the queue
To buy cod and chips
Eaten out of newspaper
Covered in salt
Soaked in vinegar
The headlines were written
On the tips of our fingers
Mohammed Ali was a God
The Beatles
Working class heroes
We sat on the old school wall
Can you believe
It was just three feet tall
What were they thinking
It is long gone now
These days
Kids travel five miles to school
Back then if we didn’t fall
Headfirst into the yard
We would brag
Of girlfriends we never had
Laughed and sang
Until we were sober
Before parting ways
And walking home
We would take a cab
Order a takeaway
Have it delivered by Uber
But nothing tastes the same
As it used to
Covered in salt
Soaked in vinegar
Having a good laugh
Eating chips from the pages
Of yesterday’s paper

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