Posted by: Ron DuBour | May 15, 2019

Small Town Girls~by Michael Gerard Collins



Small Town Girls

Small town girls their flawless complexion
Waiting on tables wasting their lives.
Clear eyes that look out of the window
At the same scenes that greet them each day.

The clock on the wall ticks away time
She wonders when this day will end?
Another comment- unwelcome- made
By men who sit and stare.

The end of the shift-
In front of the TV.
Too tired… her sister torments…
And that ends badly for both!

There is a small cheque in the mail:
Child support from her father long gone.
Her mother spends it on alcohol…
Empty bottles litter the hall.

The music from the headset is louder
Than can ever be good for her health.
Still, the noise and the lyrics save her
As she escapes into a world of her own.

Tonight is the night her boyfriend calls:
What he wants, just to spite, is denied.
The harsh words and anger that follows
Makes the giving-in somehow worth it.

There were jobs applied for in The City-
each written rejection recalled.
Soon it never mattered…. She gave up.
Reconciled –for now- to this life…

Further study out of the question!
(She was never that smart anyway)
Keep saving for a future yet to appear-
Be prepared… Be ready… Do not ‘settle’.

Yes, there will be answers someday:
She will not cut like others who do.
Life will change for the better somehow….
She just needs to wait longer in town.

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