Posted by: Ron DuBour | May 16, 2019

You’re trying to woo me~by Nalini Starr



You’re trying to woo me

You’re trying to woo me and lure me
And break down my wall
You’re trying desperately
Hoping for you I will fall
You’re trying your best 
Putting me to the test
But to no avail
That test I will deliberately fail
You speak sweet words
Thinking I will weaken
But you should know
I don’t believe sweet words when spoken
And I am not a weak person
You say you will never give up
And you believe I will relent eventually
But you’re wasting your time
This will never happen
Just you wait and see
And you will have to stop finally
You may be a player
For all I know
Continue to let your sweet words flow
But I am not falling for them
You should know
You say you will forever try
But maybe I will take a chance
When you see pigs fly.
Or the oceans run dry

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