Posted by: Ron DuBour | May 17, 2019

EMILY~by Nalini Starr




There once was a girl named Emily
She drew pictures which no one could see
She drew them in the darkness late at night
Colourful pictures of red so bright
And she thought it was a beautiful sight
At every stroke she felt a release
And she almost felt at peace
No one knew of her talent
That was the way she used to vent
No brush nor paint did she need
But her paintings would always bleed
On her canvass splashed with pain so raw
She would sit there and draw and draw
Sometimes she would need a bandage or stitches too
To cover up some painting she drew
She had a friend whose name was Lars
One day he took off his shirt and showed his scars
He was too ashamed to let her see
She took off her clothes and said my drawings are more pretty
They sat and compared
And many tears were shed.

N .Starr .
All rights Reserved
May 16-2017

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