Posted by: Ron DuBour | May 18, 2019

” 15 MINUTES OF FAME “~by Martin Gedge



POEM ” 15 MINUTES OF FAME ” by martin gedge

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Through the lens and focused eyes

hidden hearts and alibis

vision to the study of the frame

picture this in photographs

dark the room in photo labs

leave without a portrait in the game

cut the chain and crop the face

disappeared without a trace

just in time you cannot catch a break

first to process from a clip

caught in major hypocrite

perfection there is not a second take

prepare to all that lights the screen

in negatives and craft technique

to document in theory and reviews

direct as to a chosen gate

to work the base incorporate

and form the best position in the news

bad comments and to criticize

in balance and to sensitize

strips the very holder of his fame

produced to film this industry

a budding star and by degree

the passion to receive financial gain

the thick and thin to have on a tape

is to construct and to relate

and edit out onto the cutting floor

despite the popularity

this culture and society

will leave it with you walking out the door

so take your badge and finished disk

your not the type to make the list

and waste the solid minutes of your life

a 1000 more will come each day

to smile bright then fade away

for Hollywood will cut you like a knife…

by martin gedge©

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