Posted by: Ron DuBour | May 18, 2019

LET IT GO…!~by Harry Job




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Let it heal
That you feel
For every night
Awaits day light

It’ll come and go
It’s been so
That tears of sorrow
You didn’t wish nor borrow

We all came naked
And not wicked
If pain brings no gain
Victory is certain

The tree we feed…
Was once a seed
Fought soil challenges
Sprout to great changes

Oh, my dear friend!
Believe you’ll mend
As suicide is no option
Desist from such decision

Some public figures
Once had disfigures
Yet no life challenge
Is worth breath as exchange

None came with gold
Be patient with hope to unfold
For it may take miles
As tomorrow await smiles

Yours might seem worst
But it’s not the first
So don’t allow that woe
Encage you for its foe
If only you can let it go

All copyright reserved, 2019.
By O. C. Harry.

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