Posted by: Ron DuBour | May 18, 2019

Let me be your Romeo…~by John Logan


Let me be your Romeo…

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Let me be your Romeo…
you can be my Juliet.
lt shall be something, l promise
You will never regret.
Baby, l know nothing is forever,
we can live like in a dream.
l will fight to protect your honor,
l will take you as my Queen.
You are everthing l’ve ever wanted,
babe, you’re everything l need.
We will know true happiness,
all we have to do is just believe.
Let no man come between us,
let us never drift apart.
l want to be your only one,
the only man inside your heart.
l pledge my eternal love…
l promise to never leave your side.
Destiny has brought us together,
many years of waiting, finally justified.
Ask of me what you will…
l shall grant your every wish.
l vow this to you, my Queen…
and l do so with a tender kiss.
l love our life together,
l have not even one regret.
Let me be your Romeo …
You, will always be my Juliet

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