Posted by: Ron DuBour | May 18, 2019

“LONELY RAIN “~by Martin Gedge



POEM “LONELY RAIN ” by martin gedge

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The ever purest falling from the chalice of your eyes

upon your salted lips from the sadness and good byes

to have ever had these feelings that invade your doom and gloom

to fill the dark inside your heart and the emptiness of room

you look onto the ceiling where your praying of your plight

and you cry yourself to sleep just to escape another night

from the going through your head just like a re-accuring dream

just to push aside your bed that is bursting at the seam

so many restless nightmares in a reckless heated storm

your never tossed as much since the day that you were born

and the sweat that seeps your clothing as you lie amongst the rain

with the pounding of your thunder with it’s lightning striking pain

to question why it happens as your talking to yourself

to shake of every reason is like damage to your health

its time to face the music as the keeper of the flame

it’s just another mirror for we all get dealt the same

and every single morning as you face the light of day

there is smile in the sunshine in the breaking of the grey

another valued lessen in the balance of the breach

and always someone out there that is well within your reach

and sooner more then later as the time still lingers on

you find it wasn’t worth it and you know that you belong

that no matter what the hurt or the scars that leave the ache

it’s more about the healing in that second step you take

so never take to ask yourself if you don’t get what you want

your better than the price to pay then to have a place to haunt

and when your eyes get filled with rain instead of falling down

believe it true when it comes to you to find that solid ground…

by martin gedge ©

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