Posted by: Ron DuBour | May 18, 2019

” STRANGLEHOLD”~by Martin Gedge



POEM ” STRANGLEHOLD” by martin gedge

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Smokey fumes and hotel rooms

silhouettes of night

a dimmer fuse to mourn the blues

across the bar room light

piano keys to finger please

the Massachusetts heat

a man in black with grip intact

to walk Boston beat

among the dull and half place full

this killer on the rise

in shadows dark to walk this park

with black and pitted eyes

and like a pawn to walk til dawn

a lady of despair

to find a gent of money spent

in sheets of warmth to share

but little knew what he might do

from the sewers of this moat

a rendezvous a wrecking crew

with hands around the throat

and left for dead this stain of red

in the heavy pouring rain

a trail of blood to join the flood

to rush right down the drain

and paper news no sign or clues

to catch the brazen man

no sound of much but with his clutch

to mark his make and brand

and through each day in clouds of grey

the madness throttle thrives

for on the loose to slip the noose

and touch so many lives

for though to walk this body chalk

as darkness shall appear

the strangler one escapes the sun

to tread upon your fear

so saying that don’t be a stat

for ones to prick and probe

another face all wrapped in lace

to stalk the Boston Globe…

by martin gedge©

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