Posted by: Ron DuBour | May 19, 2019

Infinite Love~by Annie Johnson



Infinite Love

I thirst for you
Like the desert
Thirsts for rain.
My soul seeks you
In the stillness
Of the night
As I sit
Looking up
Praying aloud
Beneath the stars
With only the wind
To hear my soft voice
Floating skyward
On wings of love
Into the mists
Of infinity’s keeping.
Wherever you are
I know you feel
The sacred touch
Of my love
Brush your soft lips
And traverse your body
Like waves of love
Lifting you skyward
On the wings of night
To walk among the stars
Hand in hand with me.
My love seeks your soul
And softly sings to you
Of endless caring,
Starry nights,
And falling dew.

Annie Johnson©

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