Posted by: Ron DuBour | May 19, 2019

” THE GHOST OF YOU “~by Martin Gedge



POEM ” THE GHOST OF YOU ” by martin gedge

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Every night beneath moonlight as steam to film the glass

I look to see the ghost of you of memories gone pass

a love I lost that truly cost as I exist right now

if only I could find a way to bring you back somehow

it’s never ever been the same this emptiness I feel

you made our life so intimate with lips to seal the deal

we had a bond so good and strong like shoes to fit the soul

our plans were laid with promise made to never let it go

each single bright of candle light that burns a flame so true

in every wish the kiss I miss just leads me back to you

I wander if the strength you give will help to ease my pain

into the dark that wears the mark and soldiers through the rain

in times despair that I should wear your heart around my neck

to play the role like Romeo to you my Juliet

to leave this place to be erased a faded memory

for those to roast another ghost that joins the scenery

so as I stare into thin air I hope you hear my voice

and in this breath this life I left there was no other choice

for sure as sin I’m taken in a lie I cannot hide

I long to hold the precious gold that waits the other side..

by martin gedge©

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