Posted by: Ron DuBour | May 22, 2019

” BEDTIME STORIES”~by Martin Gedge



POEM ” BEDTIME STORIES” by martin gedge

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In between the dark of age

and tucked between each sheet

the words to seep your bedroom walls

turn pages as you sleep

as darkness will unfold the night

to prod your eerie dream

with pins to prick your restless bed

to awake the silent scream

covers hold with curtains closed

and claws to scratch the glass

winds to howl the shady tree

that scowls the window pass

shadows from the closet case

in blackness of its’ core

the shiver grin that grips the skin

and sweats to every pore

your tension sense on high alert

a horror you must face

for things to move inside the groove

of ugly and distaste

what is read that shakes the head

your thoughts and disbelief

to hang the limb to scrape the brim

to grab you underneath

and stir and tug of every bug

that eats from blood to bone

that leaves you in a state of mess

this flesh you call a throne

the pale in white that fear the light

to suffocate and bloom

will gladly bag a toe in tag

to leave inside your room

and though a book to nail and hook

each messenger they send

from front to back it will attack

to haunt you til the end…

by martin gedge©

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