Posted by: Ron DuBour | May 22, 2019

Daily missive for Wednesday the 22nd of May.~by Peter Forster



Daily missive for Wednesday the 22nd of May.

What is this meander
As the clock ticks
Time is not a passenger
How does it seem to move
At different speeds
From one moment
To the next
Whilst waiting anxiously
Quick quick slow
How much longer
Left to go
Glancing this way and that
It proceeds
A cavalier digression
Heartless moments
An impersonal procession
With little or no regard
Wish it gone
If you dare
The swiftness of its departure
Can lead to dark despair
As it slips through your fingers
When will it stop
It rarely lingers
The spring wound down
Is an inconvenience
Not an end
The station platform
Needs a clock
But more than that
It needs a timetable
To be relied upon
Equally regulated
To find the train situated
More often than not
At the right stop
Not too early
Or too late
Measure my heart rate
It will take some beating
Before it breaks
Balance the movement
Lest we lose
What little time we have
In the pause
That comes between
One tick-
And an approaching

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