Posted by: Ron DuBour | May 22, 2019

Twilight Laments*~by Constancio Sulapas Asumen Jr



DXXXIX ~> Twilight Laments*

DXXXIX ~> Twilight Laments*
(Opus539 ~> Twilight Laments)
Watching the sunset always makes you sad;
Despite knowing the sun comes back somehow.
So knowing helps not turn sad into glad;
This day departs in order to allow
Another day to take its welcome vow:
The requiem they play at end of day
Sanctifies the bond between you and me!
Rightly we lament those squandered chances;
Knowing a mulligan is much too rare
That serves the cause of making advances
To celebrate the memories we share
With fellow travelers from far and near:
Watching the sunset from any vantage
Evokes the quandary of vassalage!
Knowing tomorrow brings another day,
Here’s what you do to make the difference,
Between the doldrums that regaled today
And the pleasantries of your preference,
You may pray for Divine Interference:
Twilight laments are signs of aging old,
Minting platinum from nuggets of gold!
*Hook image (HalfMoonP53903H.jpg), sequestered uncaptioned, from the Pinterest Moonlit Night cyber collection reached my email inbox by gratis subscription.

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