Posted by: Ron DuBour | May 23, 2019

Let me be your Hero…~by John Logan



Let me be your Hero…

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Let me be your Hero…
your knight in shining armour.
No one could love you more,
no one has loved you longer.
Let me be your Saint…
the only man inside your heart.
Let me be your guiding light,
when your world goes cold and dark.
Let me be your Hero, babe…
l promise, forever will l stay,
l shall love you like no other,
l will fight for you…everyday.
Let us live out every fantasy,
it will be just like a dream…
and once l become your King,
l shall take thee as my Queen.
We shall build our very own Kingdom,
where we’ll share this love together.
Just you and l, my Queen,
ln each others hearts forever.
We’ll spend nights in each other’s arms,
we’ll watch the morning sun come shining thru
You can trust in my love baby….
I will never walk away, or turn my back on you.
Let me be your hero, baby…
let me wipe away your tears.
Let comfort and console you,
Let me chase away your fears.
Let me fill your nights with passion,
your days with joy and laughter,
Let me be your Hero baby…
Let me be your happily everafter♥️

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