Posted by: Ron DuBour | May 23, 2019

STRANGER’S EYES~by Aendgzel Roze

🌹An oldie poem and my charcoal sketch….🌹




Image may contain: one or more people

My heart aches
Every time you keep your silence
Why not allow sharing
What’s distracting behind your mind?
Even with eyes closed
Can see your image
Can feel your melancholic heart
Can’t hide anything from me
For I can see what’s behind
What’s deep in the core
Of your mysterious eyes.
That uncanny gaze of yours
Penetrating deeply into my soul
Your facade can portray
Deceiving looks within the crowd
Of this mundane world
But you can’t hide away
Anything… everything from me
For I am within you
And you are within me.
As you opened up sincerely
The threshold of your heart
I gladly entered inside
Without doubt or hesitation
Clueless of what’s gonna happen
All I do know was I accepted you
For who and what you are.
On this stage of my life now
Never ever fade away
Like bubbles on the air
That slowly disappear
In a fraction of a second.
My eyes can perceive
What’s your real feelings
Oh! stranger’s eyes
Just stay and hold on
And let us gaze both
On the same directions
So our love won’t ever ..ever go astray!

©Purple Roze
All Rights Reserved

charcoal sketch by: Aendgzel Roze



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