Posted by: Ron DuBour | May 23, 2019

The Poet~by Michael Gerard Collins



The Poet

Completed my Tai Chi
downed the last of my Chai Tea;
found a space on the prayer-rug…
mindfulness coming on-
I can feel it

Surrounded by tall trees-
I have chosen my time well:
the moon… haloed… a fine sight
for a spirit-in-waiting…
in this Jasmin air

I know I look like Buddha
awash in pale moonlight
but that is not how it is inside…
something about this picture not quite right

Have I seen enough of sacred texts?
Have they revealed to me my lies?
In these days of many struggles
is my heart yet opened to their cries?

Another session of Tai Chi
one more cup of Chai Tea:
the prayer-rug somewhat rain-soaked…
mindfulness, not as assured
under this sky

Tall trees slightly haunting,
this time quickly turning suspect:
the moon darker than it once was
reflects a soul-in-contrition…

in this still Jasmin air

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