Posted by: Ron DuBour | May 25, 2019





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You are one happy creature
As an entity of nature
You know your life is far 
To go before you you die
There are some measures in place
You must obey
To smile when the future comes
Shinning at your time
So its just better
To secure your boundaries
With good solid territories
With one plan you’ll see
Which actions to take
But please don’t over shake
To protect your face
For protection is on course
To keep your laboured door
The possessions you keep
Should be good from A to B

You were guided and protected
To win at every aspect
Of your life held secure
To never fail some course
It’s also best if you’re wise
To not disappoint some eyes
That’s why I’m telling you
To move thy course in two

Since you can’t please everyone
With things you never can’t
Your ways should be the average
In a wise enchanted way
So that when you move through
Your choices will not subdue
To disrupt some great minds
Who may add some strength
To your measured course of life
Like clear rays from brighter lights
Do secure your boundaries
In a wise enchanted way
Protect your territories
In a wise enchanted way
For that’s where creativity lys
To keep your shoulders so high
For everyone to see
How good you can be
It will take a long time
Before you’ll be pulling down

Plan and secure your thoughts
In a wise enchanted way
Plan and secure your ways
In a wise enchanted way
So that you may be pleased
To win many to your league.

Copyright Young Francis.

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