Posted by: Ron DuBour | May 25, 2019

” THE HALLOW HOUSE”~by Martin Gedge



POEM ” THE HALLOW HOUSE” by martin gedge

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In the hallows of this house there lived a princess bride

and from the birth her valued worth was king and countryside

for those who came of royal fame would mingle in the mix

but little did the parties know of a dark and damning fix

for all the rooms of all the grooms would lock the outside in

and fever spread to house the dead to suffocate in sin

each dark of hall would hear the calls of screaming to get out

and swarms of flies from demon eyes would flurry all about

you’d hear the songs of days long gone siphoned through the air

while cracks into the picture frames would look you back and stare

the bitter chill would see the breath and death upon the floor

into the heart the basement dark to scratch the coffin door

a sole a light into the night she held a candle close

like bugs to hug the dragging rug like maggots on a roast

and off to sleep among the deep she digs into her bed

and lies there still as critters fill the worms around her head

the tale was told the house was sold and died into decay

but now and then upon the wind you’d here a angel say

for those who dwell this house of hell there’s evil left undone

though past her prime the warning sign has brought to life a son….

by martin gedge©

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