Posted by: Ron DuBour | May 25, 2019

“THE MAD CHILDREN”~by Martin Gedge



POEM “THE MAD CHILDREN” by martin gedge

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Deliver us from evil in the innocence of soul

lost in deep the blackness in a seed to watch it grow

markings on the skin in the signs that we all know

welcome the mad children of the dark

beyond the church of holy in the gathering of dust

among the crop of circles is a child made of us

of strength and will and power and eying in disgust

with blood as cold and bitter as the heart

and in the dire night there is a fire to be spawned

a sacrificial slaughter into the breakings of the dawn

were the residents of Gatlin are either dead or surely gone

as they slip into the crevice of the corn

for those who travel through are just victims of the road

abandoned of a family just to ease the heavy load

a stake to prod a shishkabob and a picture to behold

and thus another litter will be born

for in this the creepy country there is a sacred tale to tell

one not built for bible but the fields of living hell

no cleansing of the water when your dragged down to the well

and all to live will answer to the boss

for little Isaac Chroner has a boner and belief

in a trial of your elders with the matters to deceive

will gain the judge of guilty on the the son of Satans sleeve

to engrave into the skin the burning cross…

by martin gedge©

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